Meet our members – Dick Mattick

Welcome to our occasional blog series ‘meet our members’. This month we meet Dick Mattick a member since 2004

Dick joined Rotary in 2004 finding a replacement for the camaraderie of the staff room he had enjoyed as a full-time teacher. He is still active as a magistrate and in several other fields, so he sometimes wonders how he found time to go to work. However, in Rotary he found an organisation that has done much to improve his social life without encroaching on his life style.

Golfing is a passion as is cricket

A keen golfer Rotary enables Dick to enjoy playing on a wide range of courses. He plays at most Rotary events and knows besides getting golf at a competitive rate. However, he is delighted to be helping to do some good for the charities that benefit from Rotary Golf Days.

Dick in full cricket gear

As a supporter of Somerset County Cricket Club and Swindon Town, he has a keen interest in the history of cricket and football, particularly the Victorian and Edwardian periods. This led him to present W. G. Grace impersonations for charity and Cricketer’s benefits. He’s also been active in Swindon Town’s Hall of Fame Project a scheme that recognises and honours players from the Club’s past.

Special moments

Dick has involved himself in all the activities within the club. However, his real claim to fame is his continued support for the annual Kids Out trips. Dick organises the trip and the venue. He liaises with the schools and persuades most of the members to be helpers on the day. The last few trips have been to the Cotswold Wildlife Park and is the most popular destination for the kids as well.

kids out big kids!
Big Kids take a rest

Asked for his proudest moment in Rotary, Dick recalled an event towards the end of his Presidential Year. “My mother was a victim of Breast Cancer so I decided to give some of the money to funding booklets entitled ‘Mummy’s Lump’. These booklets explained the disease to children. “Thanks to the hard work of the club in selling ducks for our Duck Race, I was able to hand over a cheque for double what the lady expected and she burst into tears. That left me in tears too.”

Club breakfast meetings

As to the unearthly hour that the Club meets Dick thinks it great. “Getting up on a Wednesday makes me think I am having a lie-in during the rest of the week”!

An interesting argument I think you’ll agree.

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