Rotary tackles plastics waste

Not so far away from us volunteers in Wales, and along the route of the River Severn, are taking a stand against plastic pollution which has brought together communities to tackle the plastic waste polluting our rivers and seas.

Philip Stallard, who works as the Countryside Access Volunteer Coordinator for Powys County Council, says he is seriously concerned about the pollution plaguing our waterways. He has inspired a number of Rotary clubs in the areas to get involved at such a practical level.

Briefing the team before they start the big beach clean

Philip is taking this project from ‘source-to-sea’ and hopes to get more clubs involved, especially in counties along the route of the River Severn; Powys, Shropshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire.
Philip realised clearing communities along the source of the ocean plastic will eventually decrease plastic pollution in the sea. He said: “We can pick up litter on beaches forever, but if we go back to the source and stop it, then I believe everything will change.”

Some of the findings on the Aberystwyth beach.

Clubs such as Newtown and Welshpool Rotary also clambered on board for a campaign inspired by David Attenborough’s television documentary, ‘Blue Planet II’.  Shocked by the reality Philip, along with Newtown Rotary and many other volunteers, were stung into action and collected a stunning 580 kg of litter from streets, parks, estates and the river in the town. Read more of their efforts and achievements here.

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