The Future of Plastics

Following a visit to Recycling Technologies in Swindon I thought I would share the vital work they are doing in removing plastic waste and where possible turning it to good use. The company is in the process of building the plant that will enable us to produce, use, recycle and then reproduce. The Waste Recycling plant will fill between 12 and 15 shipping containers needed to transport it around the country and the world.

Recycling Technologies serves the plastics and waste industries by enhancing the recyclability of plastic, installing recycling capacity and reaching towards a 90% plastic recycling rate.

By bridging the gap between the waste sector and the petrochemical sector, the RT7000 technology can close the loop in the plastics value chain, moving away from traditional linear models (produce, use, discard), and into a circular model (produce, use, recycle and reproduce).

The majority of currently “un-recyclable” plastic waste is currently destined for incineration, export, or landfill. By diverting this waste to the RT7000 and returning it to its original oil state, plastic waste is valorised as a resource allowing us to:

Turn off the tap on plastic waste entering the environment
Offset CO2 emissions
Retain resources in the economy
Displace the use of virgin fossil fuel
Enhance mechanical recycling
Increase overall plastic recycling rates.

The circular economy

Information on the Circular Economy taken from the Recycling Technologies website

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