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Rotakids learning about plastics reduction at Goddard Park School

Pictured: Attending the Plastic Packaging reduction Assembly at Goddard Park Primary with RotaKids, Sophia Merlo teacher co-ordinating RotaKids, and Rotarians Dick Mattick and Graham Miles.

On Monday afternoon Graham and I were fortunate enough to get along to see a Goddard Park Assembly about plastics. It was put on by the School Rota Kids in company with the School’s Eco Warriors. A passing Ofsted Inspector might have been alarmed at the amount of litter on the hall floor had they not seen the efforts that had gone in to transforming the beautiful wood flooring into what might well have been taken for Weymouth Beach. It was an excellent visual example of just how much waste plastic we can be responsible for if we are just a little bit careless.

We were treated to a couple of songs about how we can help keep the environment plastic free. I wonder how many of us would have had the guts to sing a solo at this age as one young lady did and it was great to see the way that helping save the planet by small individual acts does not have to be a chore and can be fun.

Sophia, who organises the Rota Kids, asked me afterwards if we were the club that organised for the school to have the Usbourne Picture Dictionaries. On being assured we were, she was effusive in her praise for the help they had been to her class. It is clear this donation has won Rotary a friend for life.

On the way home I stopped to get myself a bottle of vino tinto to take to the cricket tomorrow. “Would you like a bag?”, I was asked. “No thank you” I replied, feeling very proud of myself, and realising the Assembly has just borne its first dividend.

From our roving reporter Dick Mattick

More about Rotakids

RotaKids is a fun and exciting way for children aged 7-12 to make friends and get involved with important activities in the community, all while having a great time in the process.
RotaKids clubs are based in schools, youth groups or community centres and with the help and support from teachers, youth leaders and the local Rotary club, children can gain a valuable experience in helping others and learning interesting, new things. It also brings an exciting and practical approach to supporting the citizenship element of the national curriculum.
By doing so, children enjoy a boost to their confidence and self-esteem at a key age and develop and understanding of how their actions can impact on others. Both RotaKids and Interact support the #iwill campaign to create genuine opportunities for young people to generate social change.

Rotakids involved in supporting End Polio Now

The great thing about RotaKids is that children can come up with ideas and see them become a reality. The groups can do just about anything which springs to mind to help others.

There are over 200 RotaKids clubs across Great Britain and Ireland, all making a difference to the lives of children in their communities. If you would like to set up a RotaKids club in your school, youth group or community centre please contact our Youth Committee chair Mike Welsh who can give you more information.

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