Swindon’s BIG SLEEPOUT 2019

As you may know Fig Offices, Swindon support Threshold Homeless Charity, Swindon’s leading Charity for Swindon’s homelessness. This year Sharon and Gemma will be taking part in the sleepout this year and extend an invitation to join them.

The weather is getting colder and Threshold are now getting busier. As you will understand winter is the busiest and most difficult time.

“Threshold have secured a much bigger venue this year for Threshold’s BIG SWINDON SleepOut at the Supermarine Sports Club and will be the biggest sleep out yet” Gemma says.

It’s also a special year for Threshold as we celebrate 47 years of ‘Helping the Homeless of Swindon’. Gemma shared her thoughts from last year: It gives me goose bumps remembering some of the feedback we received. This is what a participant said last year:

“Threshold’s BIG Swindon SleepOut brings out the most compassionate and caring individuals from all over the region and from within this great town. The event, brings together the most beautiful, selfless people, all in one place and at one time! It’s a real celebration of our humanity – there are even whole families here, from little kids with their parents as young as 6, to an elderly lady who is 87! It’s truly remarkable, there’s such an absolutely amazing energy and vibe, I can’t wait to do it again next year!”

Not long to go to the biggest homeless solidarity event across the region! It would be so great to have you on board with us this year and perhaps you can rally some friends to join us too ☺

Please share the posters at your workplace

If you would like to join in, or donate or even request a sponsorship form please email Gemma George at Fig Offices gemma.george@figoffices.co.uk

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