How the Youth Adventure Trust coped with the lockdown

Supporting vulnerable children in Swindon

What a wonderful talk from Natalie Levin on 2 September 2020. It was gratifying to hear how against all the odds the Youth Adventure Trust has still been meeting the needs of young vulnerable young people in our area. 

Because of the covid-19 pandemic, adventure trips, the mainstay of the charity, had to be put on hold.  However, the group has set up online mentoring and holiday challenges. There is also the chance to work towards gaining a Thrive Award.

Mentoring call with young person

And how about this: ‘ 66 young people were mentored for 344 hours be 27 volunteers.’  Furthermore, ’50 young people signed up for the summer of adventure weekly challenges and 68 young people signed up for the Thrive Award’.  Natalie’s enthusiasm for the work they have achieved this summer was truly infectious.

How families got involved:

What was interesting was how the young people’s families were able to get involved too. This helped to build their relationships by sharing in the challenges.  Camping in the garden became a popular challenge when supported by family members.  The Thrive Award challenged participants to be creative, to accept challenges, and to volunteer their help.

However, as we all know, these activities cost money, and their usual fundraising programmes have been put on hold.  Now that the restrictions begin to ease there are tentative plans, some of which we are invited to participate in.  How do you fancy taking on the Ten Peaks challenge in October? 

How we can help

So how else can we help to support this marvellous scheme? Especially when our ability to fundraise is so limited?  Well, if you are not up to the ten Peaks this year you could volunteer as an online or telephone mentor.  Natalie is looking for a friendly and supportive person who is willing to commit to weekly or fortnightly calls to help a child to build confidence.  Having someone giving their time to listen to the issues faced by a young person is often all that is needed to enable them to reset their lives. 

Natalie tells me she loves coming to visit us even though this time it was only on Zoom.  She was delighted to recognise many faces from her visit in 2018- 2019 which is, if nothing else, flattering.  Her details are below.   She would be delighted to hear from you. or call 07944 666412

Thanks, Natalie

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