Swindon’s Radiotherapy Centre Update

Artist impression of Radiotherapy Centre

We can report that Swindon’s Radiotherapy Centre is beginning to take shape.

The main construction of Swindon’s Radiotherapy Centre at Great Western Hospital began in August 2020. The contractor, John Sisk, and Sons still expect the build to be completed by the end of 2021. The plan was that soon after treatment would begin for patients in Swindon. We are hoping that the pandemic does not adversely affect the plan.

Radiotherapy Centre Swindon Feb 21

The Appeal

The appeal was launched in May 2015 with a target of £2.9 million. This was to buy key clinical equipment to use within a new radiotherapy centre.  In December 2016, the £1 million mark was reached and on Christmas 2017 the appeal hit the £2 million mark. 

The target of £2.9 million was reached in December 2018, thanks to local donations and a successful Rotary International Global Grant of £175,000. Enough for us to start building Swindon’s own Radiotherapy Centre.

Building the radiotherapy Centre in Swindon


It was an incredible 3.5 years of fundraising for Brighter Futures that has seen thousands of local people across Swindon and surrounding communities come together and do some truly amazing things for the charity. 

radiotherapy centre Swindon 21

To raise funds for the Radiotherapy Centre supporters jumped out of planes and cycled across the UK. They motored to Cyprus and Mongolia and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. Supporters have taken on the London Marathon, Great North and South Run. Plus many more people held bingo nights, baked and sold cakes, hosted tea parties, and much more.  Cancer has affected so many families in our local communities. Thanks to the fantastic Swindon community and surrounding areas united to help us to fight cancer.

How did it happen?

This all came about because Swindon is one of the very few parts of the country without a radiotherapy service. The development of a local radiotherapy service for cancer patients diagnosed at Great Western Hospital will mean over 13,000 patient journeys for radiotherapy treatment will be shorter every year.   

How was it achieved?

Local Rotary Clubs including ours helped raise the initial funding which was then multiplied by Rotary International (RI). This was a Global grant of £175 000, one of the biggest single donations towards the appeal.

Our pictures show the radiotherapy centre rising up. It situated at the rear of the hospital as you look at it from the main entrance. Once the current situation eases we will have better pictures taken from the upper floors of the hospital. For obvious reasons, these are not accessible at present f

Ray Norman President Swindon Old Town Rotary.

Brighter Futures is one of Ray’s chosen charity for his presidential year 20 -21

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