Environmental champion chosen by Old Town Rotary

Rotarian Neil Hopkins has become Swindon Old Town Rotary’s environmental champion.  Through his work as a Parish Councillor, Neil has a long pedigree of supporting environmental projects in Swindon.  Most notably in the restoration of parts of the Town Gardens and his current involvement in improving walking and mountain cycling trails around Swindon.  So please contact Neil if you have ideas for projects for our club’s involvement in working to protect our environment. Old Town Rotary has strong links with the South Swindon Parish an important part of our local community

Rotary International has recently added Protecting the environment to the six Rotary International Causes. This will enable us to participate in projects through Global matched funds. The impact of the work can be felt in many of our other cause areas. Read about how protecting the environment is already benefitting people across the world.

Caring for our environment

South Swindon Parish Councillor and Rotarian, Neil Hopkins, was interviewed on BBC Radio Wiltshire. Here he discussed the Parish Council’s plans to create a new Stone Circle for East Wichel. As you will see this will be a unique feature for the East Wichel community. And thereby creating an environmental project that will also be fun to visit.

Environmental project at South Swindon

Neil mentioned in the radio interview that he is busy creating more environmental projects. We learned that South Swindon Parish Council will be planting Swindon’s first Tiny Forest at East Wichel Park with the help of the environmental charity Earthwatch. And it’s sponsored by Swindon manufacturer MINI UK.

Work to create the Tiny Forest will be taking place next week starting on Tuesday 9th March and finishing on Friday 12th March.

environmental projects
Tiny Forest for East Witchel

For more information about

What is a Tiny Forest? visit: https://earthwatch.org.uk/get-involved/tiny-forests
If you would like to get involved in this project email comms@southswindon-pc.gov.uk

Neil Hopkins is clearly a great person to be an Environmental champion for our community and hopefully, he’ll soon be helping members of Old Town to get more involved.

Jane Milner Barry and Neil Hopkins visiting the new allotments

You can also read about Jane Milner- Barry and Neil Hopkins’s visit to the first Tiny Forest in Witney

For more information about Rotary’s cause Environmental Sustainability you can follow the news on their Facebook page

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