The Town Gardens Cafe is open for Easter

Old Town Gardens

The Town Gardens café has long been a favourite with the Old Town Gardens users. Its been a great place for people to meet up and has managed to deliver a takeaway coffee and tea service in a beautiful outdoor setting enabling social distance through most of the pandemic. Beloved by dog walkers, Band Stand aficionados, runners, and mums enjoying the safe surroundings with their youngsters.

South Swindon Parish Council is working with Swindon Old Town Rotary Club to reopen the Town Gardens Café Kiosk. This will be over Easter weekend- Friday 2nd April to Monday 5th April. while supporting our charity fundraiser. Swindon Old Town Rotary will be offering refreshments over the Bank Holiday weekend with all proceeds going to Brighter Futures. Brighter Futures charity supports a variety of healthcare projects focused on improving GWH patients’ experience. More of their work and the services they provide can be found on their website

Because of Covid-19, Old Town Rotary not been able to raise as much money as we’d like. Running the Town Gardens cafe over Easter will allow us to provide both a service and raise money for Brighter Futures.

So why not pop to the Town Gardens over Easter weekend? You will be able to enjoy some tea and coffee, and raise money for charity in the process! As soon as the Easter holiday is over the cafe refurbishment will start so this is a golden opportunity to get out while you can. The South Swindon Parish Council is hoping the new tenant will be able to start once the refurbishment works have been completed. We wait to hear when this will be and who it will be.

Café at Old Town Gardens
Pictured here Ray Norman President 20-21 with Neil Hopkins Rotarian and South Swindon Parish Council chair and Anne Norman from Brighter Futures


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