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map of Sierra Leone in Africa
Alan Wolstencroft

Our Speaker

Alan Wolstencroft was our speaker on Wednesday and he proved to be both inspiring and emotional.  His making a difference journey was born out a ‘one off’ invitation to spend 11 days in Sierra Leone in 2005. helping with the Mercy Ships hospital. since that first time Alan has returned a further 11 years visits to oversee and drive numerous projects among the poorest communities in Sierra Leone.  Alan is a strong believer in facilitating the local people so he started by giving people the moulds and cement so they could make their own bricks. With these bricks they were able to build their own schools and homes.  Everything you might want is a available for sale in Free Town except of course money. 

Fundraising in the UK

During pandemic Alan has been out in the UK raising money for his different projects.  This year alone he’s raised £35,000 all of which goes directly to the various schemes.  Some of his actions are personal. These include building a home with wheel chair access for Mamoh a young cerebral palsy sufferer and his carer. Another was saving a small boy from pneumonia by paying his hospital costs. Alan has organised for 300 girls to receive sanitary towels every month.  Then there is the building works, toilet blocks and water harnessing schemes with a wells for a local schools. And thanks to sponsors like Oxford United kitted out both boys and girls football teams.

Helping with medical bills

Solomon, who is the Head Teacher of one of the local schools was recently knocked off his bike by a hit and run and left for dead on the side of the road.  Recognised by a passer-by he was brought to hospital with a complex breaks in his leg and hand.  He earns £100 per month  The operation alone to save his leg costs £360 so Alans Africa stepped in and has committed to paying all the medical bills and ongoing costs.

The list of achievements is too long to list here. And as Alan himself said too long for a 20 minute talk.  However if you really want to learn more about a Rotarian who really got up and said together we really can make a difference then you should read his blogs here.  It mind blowing what can and is being achieved in Sierra Leone.

Visit AlansAfrica website and be prepared to be impressed at how much can be done if you really want to!

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