Everyone’s a winner…with our soft toy tombola

Soft Toy Tombola

It doesn’t matter where you go in Swindon you’ll soon be hard pushed to avoid the Old Town Soft Toy Tombola. It is out in our community and will soon be in a garden, a park or a Christmas Fayre near you. The Tombola is the brainchild of Old Town Swindon Rotarians Steph Trinci and Pam Jackson who load up their cars with lots of donated soft toys and sully out to excite children everywhere.

Pam Jackson and Steph Trinci showing off their wares

As Steph remarked: “We had such a good couple of days out in the sunshine in The Town Gardens last weekend raising money to fund a teacher in the school we support in Desai, Kenya. Due to the CV19 restrictions we have not been able to stage our Soft Toy Tombola for nearly 2 years so both Pam and I were very keen to get back out there. Of course the weather helped and the strategic placement of our gazebo near the Town Gardens Café helped too. After all who can resist a look at so many cuddly toys in one place whilst on your way for a coffee or an ice cream!”

“With the cry of “only a £1 and everyone’s a winner” we saw a constant flow of happy faces over the 2 days. It was lovely to chat to the public telling them a little bit about Desai and we had a few people ask about Rotary in general.” Pam agreed: “A couple with their grandchildren told us that they met many years ago through Rotaract so they were very keen to support us.”

Steph confirmed: “Together with the Soft Toy Tombola we ran earlier in the month we have now raised £415.”

So what’s it about?

Its simple game you pay a £1 and you draw out a name and then search for your fun soft toy. No one loses though you may not get your favourite choice so of course you can keep trying till your £££ run out!

Who benefits from the soft toy tombola?

The experience of winning a lovely soft toy is harmless fun. The purpose is far more important. This is how we raise funds for teachers’ salaries. Teachers working at the Memorial School in Desai, a slum area of Nairobi; a school our club has been supporting for nearly 20 years; a school born out of six tin shack classrooms. It is now splendid purpose built block with running water, and well maintained toilets. And where the children receive their main hot meal of the day. The school is twinned with Goddard Park School. The head teacher Mike Welsh is the driving force. Determined to provide education for the poorest most deprived children in Kenya. Mentoring for the teachers comes from Goddard School teachers bringing them the latest in learning techniques for primary school children.

The children of  the Memorial School Desai
Desai Memorial School students

Where is the next soft toy tombola?

This autumn we will be running the Soft Toy Tombola on 20 November – Christ Church Christmas Fayre
And in the summer 19 June 2022 – Old Town Festival

If you are organising an event and have space for us or if you know an event that’s crying out for our Soft Toy Tombola please contact Steph Trinci 07876 451176 or email setrinci@virginmedia.com. She would love to hear from you.

We are also up for donations of your once loved soft toys now looking for a new home.

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