Visiting the Crazy Times conference

District 1100’s first online conference

The Crazy Times conference opened to us all on 26 April. It’s certainly different and probably an excellent example of what can reflect the Crazy Times we are in. 

There are some interesting speakers some pre-recorded from the Together Talks and some in conversation with DG Chris Firth.  You can choose to join an hour-long introduction so you get to hear from the speakers. Or you can go directly to individual speakers to hear everything they have to say.  The keynote speakers include Sir Lindsay Hoyle Speaker in the House of Commons, Holgar Knaak Rotary International President, Kevin McNamara CEO of GWH, Rosa Matherson on her Nepal adventures, and many more. And it is lovely to be able to access Dave King’s memorable interview with Captain Sir Tom Moore.

There is an excellent showcase from Rotary clubs around the District.  As well as the club efforts featured above check out RC Swindon and RC Ross on Wye. Learn how they have been so successful despite Covid.  You can catch up with famous Rotary-supported charities too and from Bill Gates and hear his praise of Rotary. 

With introductions from Shirley Ludford and some wonderful funky jazz from Cheltenham, you are bound to find something of interest.  I was disappointed there doesn’t seem to be any way you can leave comments or offer virtual applause. And I would have liked to have had the opportunity to ask questions too. 

However, overall it’s a pretty busy and interesting conference. It’s worth taking a little time to check over what else is happening in our Rotary District and beyond. 

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